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Foundation Scholarship Program


Cherokee County Sheriff Foundation (CCSF) Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants must be:

o Children of Cherokee County Sheriff Office (CSO) team members or children of disabled or deceased CSO team members

o   Children of team members who:

  • work for CSO as a Full time Employee
  • have worked at least one year as of January 1 of the year of the award; and
  • are employed with CSO on the date scholarships are awarded by the CCSF Board of Directors

o Children of a CSO team member by birth, adoption, or legal guardianship, or step- children, 24 years old or younger

o Students who are high school seniors and graduating or are full-time college students

o Scholarships are not available for students enrolled in graduate programs.

Qualification Requirements for Schools

The following schools are acceptable:

o Accredited Vocational institutions located in the U.S.
o Accredited colleges or universities located in the U.S.
o Correspondence schools are not eligible. (Including all online institutions and/or certificate programs)

Application Process

Applicants must supply the names and addresses (letters of recommendation are not required) of two references, one academic and one non-academic, as part of the application process.

Current school transcripts must be provided. Please see the application for details.


The scholarship is awarded based on:

o Extra-curricular awards to include athletic accomplishments

o Leadership

o Awards/honors

o Community service

Dedicated to maintain and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Cherokee County through a partnership with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

Activities, achievements, and honors should be listed thoroughly on the application.

Applicants will receive an email from the Scholarship Selection Committee confirming receipt of their application. The CCSF reviews and processes all applications using a blind judging method. (The panel will view no names or personal information.) The Board of Directors will approve final selections, and scholarships will be awarded twice per year in May and November, based on funds available.

Covered Costs

The scholarship award may be applied toward either a Baccalaureate (four-year) Degree or an Associate (two-year) Degree at an accredited college, university, or vocational institution located within the U.S. The scholarship can be applied to board, books, room, and tuition. There are no exclusions. Funds will be issued to the qualifying institution.

Financial Concerns

Contact your school’s financial aid office to find out how this scholarship might affect your financial aid.


Applicants can receive only one scholarship per year. This maximum number of scholarships is the same even if both parents work for CSO.

In addition to annual scholarships awarded, the most outstanding applicant is chosen to be The CCSF Scholar. The recipient can only be named The CCSF Scholar for two years.

The CCSF Scholarship Program is subject to periodic review and changes by the foundation. Awards are made without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, or national origin.